World Bank Summary of Pipeline Projects


Companies signed sub- loan agreements


Company Name

Project Name

W B Finance (million US$)

Environmental Benefits


Abu Kir Fertilizers

Reduction of nitrogen oxides stack in emissions from the Nitric Acid Plant


·    - Reduction of NOx from the emissions of the Nitric Acid Plant to comply with the Environmental Law 4 of 1994

- Protection of workers health





Transport & Engineering Company (TRENCO)

Conversion of the manual tire spraying process to automatic process


·    Reduction of air emissions due to the volatility of the spraying materials

·    Improving work environment and protection of workers health

·    Improving the efficiency of the spraying process

Goldentex Company for Spinning

Wastewater treatment plant


·    Reduction of COD, BOD, T.S.S. and residual color from the effluent to comply with the Environmental Law 4 of 1994 and Law 93 of 1962 modified by the Ministerial decree 4 of 2000.


Egyptian Plastic and Electric Company (EPEC)

Collection System for the acid fugitive vapor and vapor fumes treatment in the formation yard in the battery factory


·    Reduction of acid fugitive vapors in work environment of the recharging unit to comply with environmental laws.

·    Improving work environment and protection of workers health


Misr for Aluminum (EgyptAlum)

Fume treatment – Dry process


·    Complete recovery of flourides by using the adsorption of alumina.

·    Saving of raw materials (Cryolite, Aluminum hydroxide, Caustic soda, and Sodium carbonate).

·    Reducing gas emissions from the aluminum production cells by 99.8% (Hydrogen flouride, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide)

·    Saving of water which was used previously in the wet process 

·    Reducing energy consumption

·    Improving the environmental and health conditions

Protecting the ambient environment from harmful gases resulting from the aluminum extraction process

Cairo Poultry (KOKI)

Wastewater treatment plant


·1  Reduction of COD, BOD, T.S.S., total nitrogen (TKN), phosphates (PO4) and oil & grease from the effluent to comply with the Environmental Law 4 of 1994 and Law 93 of 1962 modified by the Ministerial decree 4 of 2000.

·2  reusing the treated water for horticulture use (30 feddan) instead of discharging to nearby land desert thus saving water & protecting the environment.

·3  Separation of solid waste (feather, intestines & fats) & cooking it to produce a concentrated fodder.


The Egyptian Salts and Minerals Company (EMISAL)

Washing and distillation of Sodium Chloride salt


·4  Management and making benefits from the accumulated Sodium Chloride heaps

·5  Protection of the marine biology of Karoun Lake by reducing its salinity through drawing of solutions from Karoun lake and concentrating it into special containers, leading to stabilizing of the salinity of the lake.   

·6  Protection of the fish resources.

·7  Production of salts for  industrial and human use.

Delta Company for fertilizers

Replacement of high pressure stripper and condenser in the urea unit B


·8  Reducing of ammonia emissions to the ambient environment.

·9  Reducing of ammonia loads discharged to the wastewater.

·1      Saving of energy.

·1      Reducing noise to a permissible level.

·1      Reducing losses in raw material.

·1      Increasing the process efficiency.

·1      Preventing equipment explosion

El Nasr Company for fertilizers & Chemical Industries (Semadco)

Completion of the wet scrubbing recovery unit & recycling of ammonium nitrate dumped product


·1      Reduction of ammonium nitrate dust to comply with Environmental Law 4/1994

·1      Protection of workers’ health and improvement of the work environment.

·1      Eliminate complaints from the neighboring power station.

·1      Recycle about 15 ton / day dumped Ammonium Nitrate product back to the process.

Tanta for Oil & Soap

Reduction of hexane emissions in oil extraction unit by installation of a new toaster unit


·1      Reduction of the hexane emission from the oil extraction plant to comply with Environmental Law 4 of 1994

·2      Reduction of the hexane consumption from 12 kg/ton to 5.6 kg/ton.

·2      Improvement of the product quality and Prevention of decay of the fodder due to high moisture content.

·2      Improvement of the work environment and protection of the workers’ health.

General company for ceramics and porcelain

Installation of new sanitary furnace working with NG instead of two working with solar


·2      Increasing of the energy efficiency

·2      Improvement of working atmosphere conditions 

Kafr El-Zayat for pesticides

Improving the work environment inside the factory (replacing bottling line, and installing de-dusting unit in agricultural sulfur unit


·2      Reduction of hydrocarbons, phospho organic compounds, organic solvent emissions in work environment to comply with the limits of environment law 4/94.

·2      Improve work environment

·2      Protection of worker’s health

Arma food industries company

Replacement of the bleaching unit & instillation of indirect cooling system


·2      Prevention of bleaching dust emission which is mainly silica dust.

·2      Reduction of the seriously health hazards to which workers are exposed.

·      Reduction of the raw material loss by the manual feeding.

·3      Decrease oil and grease contamination in the recycled water resulting in the direct. contact between the water & the oil.

·3      Decrease the pollution loads on the IWWTP.

·3      Decrease the water consumption.


Suez for Cement






Arma food industries company

Instillation of chemical oil refining unit for edible oil


Reduction of the organic load to the wastewater treatment plant to comply with law 93 /1962 and the ministerial decree 44/2000 for discharging to the public sewer system.

Reduction of loss of product oil & the soap stock to wastewater.

Reduction of chemical consumption

Better quality of oil & soap as by-product.

Decrease the water consumption.


Alex. Sodium Carbonate Co.

Building new limekiln furnace


Reduction of dust and gases emissions to comply with Environmental Law 4 of 1994

Protection of worker’s health.

Reduction of un-planed stops, and maintenance periods

Reduction of raw and products losses.

Improvement of products.

Increasing the process efficiency. 

Al Ahram beverage

Instillation of waste water treatment plant & in-plant modification


Reduction of BOD, COD, TSS, TDS, to comply with limits of law 48/1982 for discharging effluent to agricultural drain.

Reducing pollution load through point source treatment and in-plant modifications.


Egyptian Petrochemical Co.


Install new sulfuric acid concentration unit


Contracting on December

Al Ahram metals Co

Installation of Ventilation System and Hot Sand Blast.


Improvement of the foundry and electroplating area & Painting area work condition,

Cleaner production substitution shall eradicate the amount to produce sludge from the chemical process, minimize harmful emissions and alleviate environmental problem.

Reduce the harmful chemical fumes effects in the electroplating area.

Collecting the fumes of zinc and lead oxides & collecting Paint particulate.


Companies under tendering


Installation of nitric acid pumps,  tail gas pre-heater,  cooler condenser & control instrumentation in the nitric acid plants


Protection of worker’s health by decreasing the workers exposure to NOx fumes due to leakage of nitric acid

water emissions will be reduced to nil, if leakage of acid to the cooling water circuit is prevented

Improved cooling will result in lower NOx emissions to bring the concentration from about (5740 - 3500 mg/m3) to the design value of about 2500 mg/m3 (limit of the law, 3000 mg/m3).

Improved instrumentation will improve the using of raw material and the energy efficiency

Cairo Poultry (KOKI)

upgrading of solid waste recycling (cookers)


Reducing the solid waste resulting from the production process


Installation of Automatic system for recycling of thickener material & installation of filter press   


Preparing the tender document