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Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

. ISO 14001 Guidelines
. ISO 14000, Certificated organizations in Egypt
. List of Certification Bodies
. Self-Monitoring Manuals
. Environmental Management Success Stories in Egypt - GoldenTex

ISO 14001 Guidelines

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) provide a structured method to ensure that a firm is in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements. The ISO 14000 series of standards is a common model for an EMS structure. EMS can also provide a structure that keeps management focused on finding cost savings through pollution prevention.

More information can be found at:

. Purpose and benefits of an EMS
. Basic concepts of ISO 14001
. Environmental Policy - Intro
. Environmental Policy - Exercise
. Initial Environmental Review - Intro
. Initial Environmental Review - Exercise
. Initial Environmental Review - Checklist-Protocol
. Environmental Auditing - Case study

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